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Cherry Laurel (Prunus laur Caucasica) Hedging 2-3ft Bare Root

Cherry Laurel Prunus Caucasica

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Prunus laurocerasus Caucasica - Cherry Laurel


  • Fast growing evergreen hedging plant.
  • Supplied 60-90cm tall, bareroot and ready to plant
  • Price Includes VAT


Cherry Laurel a fast growing evergreen often used for hedging, and screening.  The leaves are shiny, glossy green, oblong but smooth.  It is a good alternative to leylandii hedge plants as it responds well to hard pruning, and good regrowth from its base.

It tolerates most soil types, and loves the sun to partial shade.  It is drought tolerant when mature, and easy to grow.  Cherry laurel is an excellent choice for windy sites and makes a great sound barrier when mature.  It can be used for coppicing, and pollarding. 

Where to Plant

Plant 3 per metre for single row hedge or 5-7 double staggered row for denser hedging.  It will grow to about 5-10 metres, easy to prune.    Ultimate height and spread– 5m x 4m after 10-20 years.

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