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Blackthorn (prunus spinosa) Hedging Plants 2-3ft Bare Root

Blackthorn Hedge Prunus Spinosa
Blackthorn Hedge Prunus Spinosa
Blackthorn Hedge Prunus Spinosa

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Prunus Spinosa - Blackthorn Sloe Bush


  • Perfect for those windy, coastal areas for privacy, screening or specimen plants.
  • Blackthorn bushes are quick growing, tolerant of many soil types including wet soils. 
  • Supplied 60-90cm tall bare root ready for the garden
  • Price Includes VAT


Blackthorn is native to the UK, and wildlife friendly, with its sloe berries in the autumn.  Profuse white flowers are the first to appear in the spring each year. Blackthorn is fully hardy, tough and eager to please. Great as natural security barrier or boundary bushes thanks to their sharp spines  Blackthorn is another popular hedging plant for many projects as it is tough and easy to maintain  

Blackthorn fruit, sloe berries are used to make sloe gin. Sloe bush should be planted in full sun to dappled shade in most soil types, well drainng.

Where to Plant

Plant 3-4 per metre for single row hedge, 5-7 per metre for double staggered row, more dense hedge.  Ultimate height and spread 5m x 1.5m in 5-10 years.  Prune to keep shape. 

**Scot Plants Direct can only supply bareroot plants when they are dormant during the winter months from November to April annually.

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