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Weed Control Fabric - Spunbound - 3m X 100m 70GSM Extra Wide Roll

Weed Control Fabric - Spunbound - 3M

Product Code: s1204

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Weed Control Fabric Spunbound 3mx100m 70gsm

A Porous Ground Cover very worthy of its name, weighing in at only 70gm per square metre.


  • WIDE Maxi Roll for larger size projects.
  • Thicker version of the Feltex membrane providing superior wed suppresion in most types of landscape projects.
  • Ideal for use in beds and borders to act as a weed barrier yet will still allow moisture through to plants.
  • It is the eco-friendly weed control solution, as it is effective against tough weeds without using chemicals. 
  • It allows plants to thrive by letting water,air and nutrients in through to the soil.
  • Weed control is achieved as the fabric blocks out the light that weeds need to grow.
  •  Ideal for beds and borders, pathways with light foot traffic
  • This roll is folded which makes it lighter to carry & easier to store.
  • Weight: Approx 19.0kg

Top Tip: Once the fabric is installed a surface covering should be laid on top of the fabric, e.g. bark, mulch, etc (50mm minimum)

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