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Organic Plant Fertiliser

After Plant Organic Fertiliser | ScotPlants Direct

Product Code: S1100

Price: £5.50
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Organic Plant Fertiliser - with Rootgrow


Empathy AFTER PLANT is a remarkable all purpose, organic plant food with added rootgrow (mycorrhizal fungi). 


  • AFTER PLANT is designed to kick start soil fertility during establishment, using nutrients and additives that actively encourage the natural symbiosis between plant, mycorrhizal fungi and essential soil bacteria, stimulating healthy plant growth.  
  • Supplied in 1 kg pouches for easy use – and it reseals!!!  Perfect for storage!
  • Made By PlantWorks. Manufactured to a very high standard.
  • AFTER PLANT is safe and easy to use and can be applied anytime during the active growing season as a top dress or tonic to help establish plants.
  • VAT included in price.

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