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Bonemeal Fertiliser - Organic

Bonemeal Fertiliser

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Sinclair Professional Sterilised Bonemeal


  • Sinclair Professional Bonemeal is a natural organic slow-acting plant food.  
  • Rich  in phosphorous, which stimulates root growth making it ideal when planting trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants.  
  • Supplied in 25kg bags 
  • Price Includes VAT


Bonemeal is Rich in phosphorous for stronger root growth.  Sterilised Bonemeal total nitrogen (n) 3.0%, phosphorus pentoxide 9%.  Standard application is one handful of Bonemeal (about 35g) for general applications. Trees and shrubs (or established plants) apply135g/sqm around the base of the plants. 

Gently fork into the soil surface without disturbing the root.  Alternatively sprinkle Bonemeal over the soil surface, around the stem of the plant and water in well.  For new planting apply135g/sqm to the bottom of the planting hole, mix will with soil or compost when refilling the hole.  

For vegetable gardens apply 70g/sqm as top dressing to the soil surface and work in well.  Always follow instructions on package for application.

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