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Jostaberry (ribes nidigrolaria) Bush

Jostaberry Bush

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Jostaberry (Ribes) Self Fertile

  • One of the newer super fruits with large black sweet fruit late July - August.
  • Supplied 2 Litre Pot Grown,40-60cm tall,  ready to plant
  • No VAT on Fruit


The Jostaberry is the new kid in the berry patch.  It is a cross between the black currant bush and the gooseberry plant marking excellent parentage. This fantastic combination provides a bigger crop than the normal currant bush without the prickly thorns of the gooseberry plants  Jostaberry fruit when ripe are purple / black, sweet and juicy like the gooseberry with a slight flavour of the black currant.  They are also resistant to most berry diseases. 

Where to Plant

Plant in a location with well-draining soil, slightly acidic.  Space the bushes about 6 feet apart and where they may benefit from afternoon shade in hotter climates for best Jostaberry cultivation.  Fertilise late winter or early spring and prune out dead or broken branches.  Removing a few of the oldest canes at ground level to encourage bigger, sweeter berries. Ultimate height and spread 1.8m x 1.8m.  

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