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Cranberry Pilgrim (Vaccinium macrocarpon)

Cranberry Pilgrim | ScotPlantsDirect

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Cranberry Bush Pilgrim (Vaccinium macrocarpon) Superfruit

  • Large and very red fruit, high in antioxidants and Vitamin C  
  • Supplied 2 litre Pot Grown, 20-30cm tall, caned ready to plant
  • No VAT on this fruit


The fruit is easy to harvest, ripening late in the season. Self Fertile Pilgrim cranberry bush is an evergreen bush that is low growing which is great for that cascading effect when planted in containers, or hanging baskets.  The tiny pink to red flowers appear early on, and then followed by juicy dark red berries. 

Where to Plant

Plant cranberry plants in full sun to partial shade, well-draining soil, slightly acidic.  Amend soil with ericaceous compost before planting. Cranberry Plants should be kept well watered but not waterlogged. Expect fruit in a couple of years as the plant needs to establish itself before cropping.

For Planting and Care Cranberry Plants 

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