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Blueberry Bush Patriot (Vaccinium corymbosum) Early Season

Blueberry Patriot Plants

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Blueberry Bush Patriot (Vaccinium corymbosum)


  • Patriot is a great cold hardy variety that bears consistent crops.
  • Patriot Blueberry Plants are an early season, sweet blueberry selected for home gardeners.  
  • Supplied 30-40cm tall, 9cm Pot Grown ready to Plant, 2 year old Northern High Bush ready to plant
  • No VAT on this item

Patriot makes an excellent container and landscape variety with its showy white blooms in the spring, dark green summer foliage and fiery orange-red fall colours. It will grow to 3-5ft open spreading habit.  Patriot Blueberries are a low growing bushes  adaptable to many soil types and may perform better in wetter soils than other varieties.  A good continuous water supply is a must (drip irrigation or overhead), especially during fruit set, enlargement and ripening. Insufficient water results in small, poor quality berries.

Where to Plant

Plant full sun, well draining, moist soil.  Amend soil with ericaceous compost for pH 4.0-5.0 for blueberry plants. 

CLICK HERE  for Planting and Care Blueberries.

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