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Blueberry Bush Early Blue (Vaccinium corymbosum) Early Season

Blueberry Plant Early Blue
Blueberry Plant Early Blue

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Blueberry Early Blue will be the first to ripen and early to bloom heavy yielding berry.

Blueberry Plant Early Blue (Vaccinium corymbosum)

  • Blueberries are large, and light blue
  • Supplied 9cm Pot Grown, 30-40cm tall, 2 year old ready to plant

Self-fertile Blueberry Early Blue is an early season blueberry with large light blue fruit, zesty flavours making this an excellent fresh picked fruit, muffins, freezing, or what ever you fancy!  Full of antioxidants!! Early Blue is an upright bush producing stout canes with bright red wood, and displays large glossy green leaves in the summer and brilliant mixed red colours in fall. Early Blue will grow to 4-6ft.  Early Blue plants are best planted in full sun, well draining moist, acidic soil.  Amend soil before planting with ericaceous compost (ph4.0-5.0).  Water well the first year.   CLICK HERE  for Planting and Care Blueberries

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