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Blueberry Brigitta Late Season Northern High Bush Sweet

Blueberry Brigitta

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Blueberry Brigitta Late Season Mild / Sweet Self Fertile - Pot Grown


Blueberry Brigitta plants are an easy to grow blueberry bush from Australia and yields one of the highest quality blueberries available. It is a fast growing bush with deep green foliage and bronze tinted new growth with beautiful stem colour in winter.

  • Late Season, good cropping, sweet berries with a bit of tart flavours
  • Ultimate height 3-4ft when mature
  • Plant Full sun for best berry production, slightly acidic soil, well draining.
  • Supplied as 2 year old plant, 30-40cm tall, 9cm Pot Grown for year round planting

.  CLICK HERE  for Planting and Care Blueberries

Top Tip:  Since you will have to provide water and bird protection to the crop, plant a small bed or patch rather than a long row. A good continuous water supply is a must (drip irrigation or overhead), especially during fruit set, enlargement and ripening. Insufficient water results in small, poor quality berries. Screening for birds is also necessary. 

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