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Blueberry Blue Dessert Sweet Flavours Self Fertile

Blueberry Blue Dessert Bushes | ScotPlants Direct

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Blueberry Blue Dessert (Vaccinium corymbosum) Northern Highbush

  • Late Season, new northern high bush introduction by Lubera
  • Supplied 30-40cm, 9cm Pot Grown for year round planting
  • No VAT on Blueberry Plants


Blueberry Blue Dessert is a new northern highbush blueberry plant developed by Lubera.  It produces medium to large fruits, sweet and slightly aromatic.  Blueberry Blue Dessert is a late berry with a flowering period in July and harvest of the fruit about August time.  It is a deciduous plant but can be a good producer of blueberries. 

Autumn stem colour will bring shades of red which would be a great splash of colour in gardens during the winter.  Height of the Blueberry Blue Dessert is about 140cm -160cm x 80-100cm wide.  It is considered to be a hardy blueberry plant.  Blueberry Dessert blooms late therefore making it resistant to spring frosts.  It has a great upright, strong growing habit, and should be a good bushy plant.

Where to Plant:

Plant full sun for best fruit production, well-draining, moist soil.   Blueberry Blue Dessert can be planted in partial shade, but full sun is best for fruit production.  Soil should be acidic and can be amended with ericaceous compost.  Ideal for containers, allotments or as a specimen plant.  

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