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Blueberry Plant Mix Limited Edition - 5 Blueberry Plants

Blueberry Plants | ScotPlants Direct

Product Code: BMIX4

Price: £14.95
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5 x Blueberry Plants (Vaccinium corymbosum) Limited Edition Collection

This Limited Edition Blueberry Collection enjoys a superb selection of Blueberries for an all season picking season.


The Limited Edition Collection consists of the following:

1x Blueberry GoldTraube 23 - Early / Mid Season - High in Antioxidants and Sweet
1x Blueberry Ozark Blue- Mid / Late Season - Sweet
1x Blueberry Dixi- Mid Season Sweet / Flavours
1x Blueberry North Country - Early Season - full of flavours
1x Blueberry Darrow - Late Season - Robust with loads of Antioxidants

  • All Supplied as 2 year old plants, pot grown, 30-40cm tall. 
  • No VAT on Blueberry Plants

Where to Plant:

Blueberry Plants should be planted in that should be modified toward high acidity (pH 4.0-5.0). Amending the soil with some ericaceous compost would be able to provide your plants with the correct type of soil . Don't forget the water supply which is very important for good berry production!  

How to Care for Blueberry Plants in the UK - Some Tips

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