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Blackcurrant (Ribes nigrum ) Ben Connan - Bareroot

Ribes nigrum - Blackcurrant - Ben Connan

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Blackcurrant Bush Ben Connan (ribes nigrum)


  • Good disease resistance
  • Berries are large, easy to pick with large crops
  • Supplied 3-5 branches, 40cm tall, bareroot and ready to plant
  • No VAT on this item


Ben Connan berries are larger than average with full flavour making them perfect for jams, pies and other cooking uses.  Large berries grow on ‘strigs’ and are easy to pick.  Fruit crops are plentiful and often the branches bend down due to the amount of fruit, but will recover when fruit is harvested. Expect a good yield per plant, as Ben Connan has the highest fruit production of all blackcurrant bushes.  Fruit is large, glossy deep purple almost black.  Bushes will crop quickly and in about 3 years will see a more abundant harvest.  Ben Connan fruit can be picked about mid-July.

Disease resistance is very good particularly to mildew and leaf curling midge.  Late frosts do not bother Ben Connan and they are suitable for growing in almost all areas of the UK.  Awarded Award of Garden Merit by the RHS.  Ben Connan is self-fertile, and will produce a crop if grown alone.

Where to Plant

Plant in full sun, well-draining soil, although blackcurrants will tolerate most soil types.  Make sure that they are not waterlogged. They will need moisture to fruit to develop so watering during dry periods is important.  Best soil pH for blackcurrants is about 6-6.5.  Ultimate height and spread of about 1.2m 

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