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Rhubarb (rehum) Glaskins Perpetual - Bare Root Crowns

Rhubarb Glaskins Perpetual Crowns

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Rhubarb Glaskin's Perpetual Crowns - Rheum


  • Glaskins Perpetual is the only late season variety
  • Low in oxalic acid making it perfect for jams and pies
  • Supplied as 3 bare root crowns ready to plant


Glaskins perpetual rhubarb is the only rhubarb suitable for late season harvesting as the oxalic acid remains low.  Oxalic acid is what gives the raw rhubarb that sharp taste.  Glaskins is perfect for baking pies, and jams with its large long bright red stalks, juicy flavours and low oxalic acid content.

Glaskins is perfect for forcing and crops well.  

Where to Plant

Plant crown with top bud just below the surface (about 4 inches) apply balanced fertiliser each year.  Plant crowns about 80-90cm apart and 1m between rows.  

Click here for Planting and Care for Rhubarb Plants.

NOTEScotPlants Direct can only supply bareroot plants when they are dormant during the winter months but you can PRE ORDER now to ensure an early delivery date at the start of the season in November to March annually.

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