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Home and Garden Fruit Trees - Apple Pear Cherry Plum

Transform your garden or allotment into a beautiful orchard at low cost. The Value Orchard Mix Fruit Packages fahve been introduced since 2010 and have proven to be popular among many.  Imagine picking that ripe apple, pear, or cherry right off the tree and taking that first delicious, mouth-watering bite!!! What flavours!! So let's get growing now!!

Order your Home Garden Fruit Trees Now and Get Planting!

  • Now is the time to order your bareroot apple, pear, plum, cherry and quince fruit trees for best prices. 
  • Bareroot fruit trees are despatched from November to March when they are dormant or not actively growing, without soil on the roots or in pots. 
  • Priced economically they will give you a great start for growing your own fruit trees.

ScotPlants Direct offer a collection of mixed fruit trees to get your into your own orchard fruit growing.  They are self-fertile and a mixture of apple, pear, plum, cherry and quince trees from cooking to dessert and eating varieties.  Great for making your favourite jams, jelly, pies or a favourite of ScotPlants Direct - crumble!

Check out our Fruits Section for more fruits - all with nationwide delivery to your door!

Apple, Pear and Plum, Cherry,Quince Trees Mixture

Five Bare root Fruit Tree Mix


Five (5) Fruit Tree Mix great for an Orchard Starter: Characteristics 1 x Apple - Spartan ..
Fruit 3 Fruit Tree Mix

Three Bare root Fruit Tree Mix


3 Fruit Tree MIx - Perfect Starter Package Characteristics 1 x Conference Pear 1 x James ..
Stella, Sweetheart, Sunburst Cherry

Three Cherry Fruit Tree Mix


Everyone needs a fruiting Cherry Tree (Prunus avium), especially the self fertile Stella in the gard..
Comice, Conference Williams Pear Trees

Three Pear Fruit Tree Mix


3 Pear Tree Mix Characteristics 1 x Comice 1 x Conference 1 x Williams **Va..
Best Buy Garden Apple Tree Selection

Three Apple Fruit Tree Mix


3 Apple Tree Mix Description Three great apple trees to start any allotment or garden orchard...
Victoria, Damson, Mirabelle Nancy Plum Trees Mix

Three Plum Self Fertile Fruit Tree Mix


Three Perfect Plums for Gardens Characteristics 1x Victoria 1x Mirabelle d' Nancy 1x Da..