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Pomegranate Tree (Punica granatum)


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Pomegranate (Punica granatum)

  • Reddish-brown fruit August
  • Supplied 2 Litre Pot Grown, 40-60cm tall ready to plant
  • No VAT on Fruit


The Plmegranate is native from Iran to the Himalayas and is widely cultivated from India to drier parts of Southeast Asia.  Pomegranates are a neat rounded shrub or small tree that can grow to 20-30ft but more typically only to 12-16ft.  Deciduous for most parts, but may retain some of its leaves. They are one of the perfect super fruits on the market, high in antioxidants.  They have glossy, leathery leaves that are narrow and lance shaped with attractive scarlet, white or variegated flowers and a red, fleshy, tubular calyx which persists on the fruit.  Pomegranates are self-fertile as well as cross pollinated by bees and insects.  Pomegranate fruit is almost round, with a crown at the base.  Leathery outer skin is typically yellow with a light or deep pink, or rich red colour.  The prize is the interior compartments packed with sacs filled with sweetly acid, juicy, red or pink or whitish pulp. 

Where to Plant

Plant pomegranates in the sunniest, warmest part of the yard for the best fruit, well-drained soil, however will tolerate a bit of acidic loamy soil.  Once Pomegranates are established they can be almost drought tolerant, but for good fruit production they must be watered well.  Fertilise with a good nitrogen fertiliser for the first two seasons, and after that a good mulch will work wonders.

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