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Merriweather Damson Plum Tree - Cooking

Damson Cooking Plum Trees

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Merryweather Damson Plum:

Damson (Prunus institia) Merryweather Plum Trees - Cooking Plums


  • Self Fertile but would increase yields if planted with another plum.
  • Supplied 2 year old bush, 125-150cm tall, nursery pruned, Potted and Bareroot ready to plant.
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Merryweather Damson plums are popular cooking plums, and delicious heavy croppers and easy to harvest.  Damson plum trees are one of the best fruits for any garden.  They are good croppers, easy to grow, and great cooking plums.  Season of use early September.  Damson plums are blue to black in colour, with a slightly yellow skin.  They are juicy and sweet when taken off the tree when ripe, and just plain good!  Plant full sun for best fruit results, well draining, moist soil.  Water well during dry spells and especially during first year of growth.  

Where to Plant

Plant about 3-4 feet apart if having more than one fruit tree in the garden or allotment.  Prune fruit trees to picking height at the seasons end.  Your garden or allotment will not be the same if there is no Damson Plum Tree!  Root stock St Julien A.

**Scot Plants Direct can only supply bareroot plants when they are dormant during the winter months from November to April annually.

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