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Fig Trees

Another great little fruit packed with more nutrition the Fig Tree is one to have in your garden.  Figs are one of the highest plant sources of calcium and fiber, and also contain many antioxidants. Figs are a great fruity way to get healthy food on your plate. The edible Fig is one of the most widely recognised and distributed fruits in the world.Fig Trees are prolific cropping, fruit rich and sweet.

  • Fig Trees are VAT Free
  • Figs can fruit within the first growing year if cared for carefully
  • We Supply Pot Grown Fig Trees and recommend that Fig Tree roots be restricted to prevent vigorous growth and increase fruit production
  • Self Fertile Brown Turkey is for sale from our nursery in Scotland as Pot Grown
  • Competitively priced with Nationwide Delivery


Pot Grown Fig Ficus Carica Brown Turkey Self Fertile | ScotPlants Direct

Pot Grown Fig Ficus Carica Brown Turkey Self Fertile


Fig Tree Brown Turkey (Ficus carica) Characteristics Self Fertile, hardy, reliable and easy..