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Morello Cherry Tree Cooking Self Fertile

Cherry Tree Morello

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Morello Cherry:

Morello Cherry is smaller than its sweet cousins, but are self-fertile sour cherries.

Morello Cherry Tree - Cooking Cherry


  • Supplied as 2 year old bush cherry tree, Potted and Bareroot, 125-150cm tall, (nursery pruned) ready to plant in the garden.
  • Self Fertile and perfect for those wetter and colder climates.


Morello cherry trees crop heavily with picking time anytime the cherry skin is dark red, but if left on tree until August when skin is almost black, then the Morello will be edible. Self Fertile Morello is considered the best cooking cherry. 

Where to Plant

Plant full sun, well drained soil for best results.  Water well during dry spells.  Prune hard to encourage new wood and better cropping.  Rootsotck Colt. 

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