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Eunoymus fort Harlequin Tree

Euonymus Tree

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Euonymus fortunei Harlequin - Dwarf Tree


  • Heavily variegated green leaves, creamy white tips, blushing pink in winter
  • Supplied  4 Litre Pot Grown, 80cm stem, dwarf tree, ready to plant
  • Price Includes VAT


One of the most heavily variegated broadleaf evergreen plants.  Euonymus fort Harlequin Tree supplied by ScotPlants Direct in limited quantities.  Euonymus Harlequin leaves are green and ivory tips that take on a slight pink blush throughout the winter.  It is better known for its groundcover abilities,  Perfect for containers or as a specimen tree for the garden there will be colour year round.  Slow growing and easy to maintain.

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