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Acer rubrum October Glory Maple Tree (5-6ft) Bareroot

Acer rubrum October Glory Maple

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Acer rubrum October Glory Red Maple


  • Brightest fall foliage of most Maple Trees
  • Supplied as lightly feathered, 150-165cm (nursery pruned) bareroot ornamental Maple ready to plant
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Acer October Glory has one of the more intense red leave colour than other maple trees.  It is a medium sized to large tree that requires minimal attention.  When mature the globe shape of October Glory makes it a great specimen tree for small and large gardens.  October is a bit of a surprise as in the spring it will produce tiny conspicuous red flowers that are showy against the backdrop of spring green leaves.  Like other maples, the palm shaped leaves will turn a striking scarlet colour in the autumn, giving October Glory the brightest fall foliage of all Maple Trees. 

Where to Plant

During the dull winter months, October Glory will show its red stem colour of last season's growth.  Plant full sun for best leaf performance, most soil types, clay, chalk, limestone, light sandy, well-draining.  Ultimate height and spread in about 20 years 5-10 metres.  Can be used for screening, garden tree, parkland areas.  

NOTE:  Scot Plants Direct can only supply Bareroot Trees when they are dormant during the winter months but you can PRE ORDER now to ensure an early delivery date at the start of the season in November.

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